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Zaana Jewelry

The faces behind Zaana Jewelry: Zach + Anna:)

Hi! We are Zach + Anna! We are so dang happy you're here! Zaana ultimately was born from an idea of loving how unique and different all of us are! None of us are the same but we are all so beautiful!! We wanted to create an experience that lets you customize what you wear everyday! 

We have poured our hearts into making Zaana the best for you! The quality of our jewerly has always been so important to us! With how much we travel, and are on the move we had to make sure that our jewelry could withstand our lifestyle! So that is exactly what it does! You can swim, shower, work out, travel and sleep in our hoops and they will not only last, but will stay looking as good as new!!  :):) My heart is so happy!! We can't wait for you to have a your pair and SHINE in Zaana!!

Thank you for your support and love in this adventure! We are so excited you're a part of the fam!!

Zaana Jewelry

 A little bit more about us! Zach and I have been married almost 3 years! and we are expecting twins June 2021!! We are so dang excited for this new adventure in our lives!! Can't wait to meet our minis soon!

We met on instagram in 2016, after Z had already followed me for 3 years haha, he played the long game:) You can read the full story here ! but for a short version! He asked me to come take pictures on weekend with him, I said yes only to find out he had planned a whole date for me! haha smoooth move on his part:) We talked and laughed all night, instantly clicked, took pictures of the beautiful galaxy that night and then two years later got married!

We have been traveling the world for three years, I am the photo half and Zach is the video half of our media business! Now here we are starting another adventure in jewelry! We always know that together we can do anything! 

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