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Zaana Jewelry

Rainbow Charm

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Rainbow Charm with layers of Rose, Yellow, and White gold! 

This charm has been a dream of mine since before Zaana started! Rainbows are so special and mean so much to me and I know you so many of you as well! Rainbows represent beauty in a storm, and beauty after a storm. There is always good to be found even in hard times! There is always light, love and beauty, if you look for it. 

There are is so much significance in rainbows, and my hope is that whatever it signifies for you, that my Zaana ladies wear this and are reminded that you are beautiful because of what you have gone through, that you hard times can make you brighter and kinder and more full of love and light, and that you remember how strong you are!  Remember your light, and be a rainbow right now in someone else's storm! Love you all!