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Zaana Jewelry

5m Herringbone Necklace Gold

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  • Zaana Necklace 
  • Water Proof - Tarnish Proof - Sweat Proof Everyday Wear
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Finishing: 18k Gold plating
  • Two Inch extender - 15" to 17"


Big, bold, and Beautiful!!!

Zaana is about celebrating our differences and how beautiful they are! Each of you are different, unique and all so beautiful! 

This beautiful dainty necklace is water proof, tarnish proof, and made for everyday wear! Light as a feather, you will not want to take it off. Perfect for a night out, as well as a day at the pool, layered with other necklaces, or worn alone!:) A necessity for your summer wardrobe!